Now that Snooki’s rumored pregnancy is dominating all Jersey Shore headlines, another round of rumors began circling that Snooki and JWOWW’s planned spin-off would change course and focus only on Snooki and spawn. But we have word from an MTV spokesperson that JWOWW stays in the picture.

Perez Hilton recently reported that “[MTV] network heads have scrapped the idea of a Snooki/JWOWW Jersey Shore spin-off series, and are instead going forward with a reality show about Snooki being knocked up.”

We reached out to MTV for comment, and they said in a statement that “Jenni isn’t going anywhere. What would Snooki be without her guidette soulmate? Filming is going well in Jersey City, and the girls are having a blast.”

Hey, even if Snooki is spending her time shopping for baby clothes, that doesn’t mean potential godmother JWOWW can’t help her pick out hot infant fashions.

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