Credit: Thelonius / Splash News Photo: Vinny Walks With Ronnie and Pauly at the Jersey Shore House on July 10, 2011

The Shore house hasn't exactly been the impenetrable emotional torture chamber of seasons past during Jersey Shore Season 5 filming. Guidos have been coming and going — practically at will — so often we can barely keep up. But, according to TMZ, MTV is finally putting its foot down.

In an attempt to show the cast who's boss, the MTV powers that be have said they will permanently evict (read: fire) the next guido or guidette to exit the Seaside abode. Yes, even if it's a fan favorite, like Snooki.

Will this new threat keep the cast in line? Given how often the macaroni rascals drink on the job, we're not convinced they understand the concept of listening to authority.

Source: TMZ