Credit: MTV

The drama on MTV’s Washington Heights is heating up!

Just when you think Ludwin and Frankie were destined for a fairy tale romance (or at least in Taylor’s eyes, they were), Lud goes and pulls a major d-bag stunt. Maybe Taylor was right when she referred to him as the John Mayer to Frankie’s Taylor Swift.

In this exclusive clip from tonight’s episode (below), Ludwin totally puts the moves on an attractive female bartender, much to Taylor’s disappointment Not cool, bro!

Unfortunately, this foreshadows major drama ahead for Lud and Frankie. We should have known this was coming. Just two weeks ago, Ludwin got defensive when talking about his BFF-with-benefits Frankie.

“Frankie’s a cutie,” he told Taylor, before adding “I think a lot of girls are cute, though.” And here we thought Ludwin was the old-fashioned romantic type!

What do you think? Is Ludwin a total player? Sound off in the comments!

Washington Heights airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on MTV.