Credit: Courtesy of MTV Photo: Snooki and Dena Just Want to Have Fun Jersey Shore Season 3, Episode 2

What would gorillas and grenades, blackouts and breakups be without a rockin' soundtrack to set the mood for Jersey Shore? Get down to the songs that were featured in Season 3, Episode 2, and channel all the show's drama through your ears as you work on your own GTL!

Artist: The Dance Party | Song: “Lipstick”
Artist: Desoto Jones | Song: “Cold Correction”
Artist: The Franks | Song: “The Jacks”
Artist: GHIANT | Song: “Bland and Ready”
Artist: Tres Bien! | Song: “Liquid Love”
Artist: Call the Cops | Song: “Ain’t Life Grand”
Artist: Vogue In the Movement | Song: “Head Over Heels”
Artist: Kanary Diamonds | Song: “Dance”
Artist: Pyro Fighters | Song: “Electrobotic”
Artist: Nights & Weekends | Song: “Mr Right Now”
Artist: What’s Fair | Song: “Wake Up”
Artist: Copperpot | Song: “Stay Forever”
Artist: ECHOecho | Song: “Happy”
Artist: The Dance Party | Song: “A-List”
Artist: King Washington | Song: “I Get By”
Artist: The Willowz | Song: “Meet Your Demise”
Artist: Overbreaker | Song: “Chemical Reaction”
Artist: Aaron Anderson | Song: “Not My Baby”
Artist: The Summer Set | Song: “This Is How We Live”
Artist: General Fiasco | Song: “Buildings”
Artist: Dang We’re On Fire | Song: “Keep Your Head Up”
Artist: Tiny Animals | Song: “Is This the Last Time?”