Credit: Nick Spaloss, Photo: The Situation in New Jersey on April 10, 2012

Has a newly sober The Situation turned over a new leaf when it comes to dating? Well, yes and no. While he has reportedly found a new fling, in typical Sitch form, she's a stunning model with a beauty pageant background — would you expect anything less?

When Mike showed up on Friday to begin taping his new web show, SituationTV, a prank show (groan) set to air on FilmOn, he was accompanied by a new lady friend: 22-year-old Caitlin Wood, a former Miss Malibu contestant and model. A source tells Celebuzz that the two are "casually dating," with an insider describing the Situation's situation as "a fledgling romance." Caitlin, their source claims, is "wonderful for him."

Even more interesting: If The Situation and Caitlin are dating this would make her Mike's third girlfriend ever (!). It's obvious that despite his many exploits, he's pretty cautious when it comes to relationships. Could Caitlin be an evolution from his DTF ways?

Source: Celebuzz

Credit: YouTube Photo: Vinny Dishes on The Situation's "Feminine Tendencies" (VIDEO)

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