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MTV caught bromance kings Vinny and Pauly D on camera a few weeks ago as they talked about filming Jersey Shore Season 6. Over a game of pool, they discuss SamRon getting back together (Vinny’s not surprised), the return of MVP (The Situation, Vinny, and Pauly), and how to prank a pregnant Snooki (throw water on her when she’s not looking and yell, “Your water broke!”).

The hilarious duo also joke about how Snooks will finally resemble a real meatball, and they worry about how she’ll navigate the crowded Seaside clubs. And as for Pauly’s stalker? He’s still scared for his life! And apparently, he has every reason to be.

Check out the boys in action below!

Credit: MTV Photo: Vinny and Pauly D Talk SamRon, Season 6, and Pranking Pregnant Snooki (VIDEO)

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