Credit: Instagram

We’ve seen the cast of Jersey Shore do a lot of strange things, but we have to say that this is one of the strangest. Pauly D has always been a character, shouting out crazy and funny things at the Shore House and singing the infamous “T-shirt time” song. Who can forget that one?

Motorcycle enthusiast Pauly D recently tweeted and Instagrammed two pics of him going for a ride, but not in the way you’d expect!

Pauly Instagrammed a bizarre pic of him sitting on his motorcycle wearing a green Spider-Man helmet! “Catch Me If You Can,” he captioned the pic. “#GuidoGreenSpiderMan.”


Credit: Twitter

He also tweeted a pic of him during his ride with his buddy, his headlights glowing a matching green to his crazy helmet. “Who Wants To Ride With Us,” he tweeted. Oh, Pauly. You’re so strange — please never change.

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