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We know that Jersey Shore’s Deena Nicole has visions of alien planets and would like to someday speak to them so that they will be nice to Earthlings. And in a new video, Pauly D is joining the alien bandwagon too. Well, sort of.

Pauly lends his famous face to a Men in Black 3 promotional video, where he is interrogated by two unseen men in black. They try to call him out on alien behavior, like fist-pumping as a mating ritual (“Not alien, but it can definitely lead to mating,” Pauly says) and his adorable laugh, which they say is alien code.

The whole thing is very cute, and we especially like Pauly’s verification that Deena is, indeed, from the Planet Koo-Kah.

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Credit: MTV Photo: Is Pauly D Really an Alien? Watch the Men in Black Question Him (VIDEO)

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