Is Pauly D ditching MTV for a bigger, better deal from cable competitor E!?

That’s what a new report from TMZ alleges. The gossip site reports that Pauly has yet to accept MTV’s offer to renew The Pauly D Project for a second season, and sources say “he’s been taking meetings with E! Network instead to discuss doing a show with them.”

Why would Pauly say goodbye to the network that made him famous? After all, it’s hard to imagine that Pauly would have been offered a residence at The Palms in Las Vegas if he’d never been cast on Jersey Shore.

The source claims that E! is simply offering more money for what would be a reality show based on Pauly D’s everyday life, rather than his profession as a DJ. Also, Pauly has allegedly “had 3 meetings about the project,” and “E! is extremely interested in making it happen.”

Do you think Pauly should stick with the network that made him, no matter how much more money another one offers? Or should he follow the money?

Wetpaint Entertainment reached out to Pauly’s rep, who offered no comment.

Catch the series finale of Jersey Shore on Thursday, December 20 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on MTV.

Source: TMZ