Credit: Twitter Photo: Pauly D Performs Dangerous Motorcycle Stunt

We know Pauly D loves motorcycles. He’s described his most romantic date with a girl as an exciting ride on motorcycle, and has been working on an exciting new project with Orange County Choppers, which is great news for us, because it’s all the more reason to watch sexy Pauly ride one!

But while his fabulous blowout may be “motorcycle-proof,” we don’t think his head is! Pauly D recently performed quite a risky, dangerous stunt on a slick black motorcycle and tweeted a crazy pic to prove it.

“#Stunt pic,” he captioned his latest twitpic, showing Pauly lunging his motorcycle forward and backward. We’re not motorcycle experts, but we think it’s a pretty cool trick! However, we wonder why Pauly wore only a baseball cap while performing the trick. We don’t mean to be a buzzkill, but we also don’t want you to get killed! Especially now that you’ve got a highly anticipated album to release...

What do you think of Pauly’s latest stunt: too risky or too awesome? Tell us below!