Credit: STILL

Pauly D has always been very vocal about his likes and dislikes on Jersey Shore, singing and shouting to his roommates about everything from T-shirt Time to “awk-ward” moments! But it may surprise you to learn what he considers to be the “best feeling in the world” — and no, it does not involve anyone who is DTF.

Pauly recently tweeted:“Best Feeling In The World Just Got My Teeth Cleaned!! Is It Normal That I Like To Go To The Dentist? #StayFlossin.” Sigh, we can almost hear his voice now, making up a catchy new tune about the joys of dental hygiene.

While going to the dentist may not top everyone’s lists, we’re happy to hear that Pauly’s taking care of his teeth — it explains his beautiful smile!

Do you like getting your teeth cleaned, or do you think Pauly D is weird? Sound off below!