Credit: StClair/Macpherson/Splash News Photo: Pauly in Florence on May 14, 2011

It's no surprise the people of Florence were less-than-jazzed about the macaroni rascals descending upon their fair, historic city; the Mayor even took major flack for allowing them in, despite his strict (read: party-pooping) rules.

And If you think the natives' boos and jeers fell upon deaf ears, the Jersey Shore cast was painfully aware of their reception. "We saw all those reports," Pauly D told The Los Angeles Times. "I was nervous. I thought they were going to throw rocks at us from the way the media made it seem."

Luckily, despite Italians being a bit prickly about the American guidos invading their homeland and perpetuating negative stereotypes of the culture, the Americans studying abroad and the tourists loved the cast! Pauly explained, "People were welcoming. If they were talking junk, I couldn't understand them anyway."

No wonder the cast didn't mingle much with the locals!

Source: LA Times