Who knew that the guido with the blowout on Jersey Shore would not only skyrocket to fame, but become a superstar DJ in the process? Pauly D has been working as a DJ for years, and now all that hard work is finally paying off. He’s toured with the legendary Britney Spears, signed to rap star 50 Cent’s label, released a hit single (which he just filmed a music video for), and is about to release his highly anticipated debut album.

If all that success wasn’t enough, Pauly now has another accomplishment to add to his growing brag list. In an online competition on RyanSeacrest.com, Pauly beat out the likes of Deadmau5, David Guetta, Calvin Harris, and Tiesto for the coveted title of “Favorite DJ Of All Time”!

Pauly thanked all of his fans on Twitter for voting, topping off his tweet with a “Yeahhhh Buddy, We Won!” He’s certainly had an amazing start to 2013, and, believe it or not, has yet another project on the way in addition to being a DJ a potential new project with the motorcycle company Orange County Choppers. Hopefully this means Pauly and his “motorcycle proof” blowout will be back on TV, stat!

Are you surprised that Pauly won favorite DJ? Did you vote for him? Sound off below!