Credit: Twitter Photo: DJ Pauly D Gets Straddled by Britney Spears

Last night, Pauly D went on The Tonight Show, where he chatted with Jay Leno about life, Italy, and getting a lap dance from Britney Spears.

While Leno marveled over the Jersey DJ's hustle — going from reality star to touring with Britney Spears is a pretty impressive leap — Pauly D couldn't stop gushing about the touring experience and his good luck.

And as for the infamous lap dance? "I love saying that —  who can say that Britney Spears gave them a lap dance?" Well, perhaps Britney’s beau Jason Trawick and a few other lucky male fans who were pulled on stage for a similar stunt during Brit’s tour, but still, we get Pauly’s enthusiasm!  

However, as fellow guest Christina Applegate noted, Pauly didn’t technically get a “lap dance” from the pop superstar. “That’s not your lap,” Christina said when shown a photo of Britney straddling Pauly’s famous Bride of Frankenstein-esque ‘do. Well, let’s not get into semantics, Pauly still got a sexy dance from Brit!

Check out the full interview below.

Credit: NBC Photo: Watch! Pauly D Talks About His Britney Spears Lap Dance