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Yesterday (May 14), we reported that Pauly D was coming close to announcing his own line of cocktails called Remix Pre-Game Cocktails. Today, he made it official and launched the collection of pre-mixed drinks with scrumptious-sounding names.

The drinks, which are designed for pre-gaming before going out, are named Oye Mojito, Yeah Yumberry, Strawberry Holla-peno, and Starfruit. We can definitely hear Pauly D’s voice reciting all of those names.

The bottle design is pretty cute, though it will probably skew female considering the amount of bright colors. We’d consider a Jersey Shore drinking game where we had to drink one of these fruity flavors every time Pauly said “Yeah, buddy!” We’d need to order a lot, though!

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Source: The Huffington Post

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Credit: YouTube Photo: Pauly D Launches Remix Cocktails (VIDEO)