We can all probably picture Snooki and Jionni LaValle's future offspring — a cute little munchkin (no really, like the size of a Wizard of Oz munchkin), with tan skin, a mini pouf or a blowout, and an itty-bitty crocadilly in hand at all times.

While we're sure the Jersey Shore star and her baby-daddy have the exact same visions of their future nugget as we do, it seems like Snooks has started planning which crowds the short ‘n’ tan guido or guidette will hang out with in high school.

The (approximately) four-months-pregnant star tweeted, "Ah I can't wait to see my little one whose either going to be a dedicated cheerleader like mommy or a strong wrestler like daddy eeeee!!"

Aww, little Snooki Jr. or Jionni Jr. as team captain at Seaside High School? Now if that isn't a guido-style happily ever after, we don't know what is.

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