Credit: Photo courtesy of MTV © and TM MTV Networks Photo: Pauly, Vinny, and Ronnie Eat Dinner on Jersey Shore, February 24, 2011

Between all the Jager bombs, day-drinking binges, Jell-O shots, and countless other cocktails being thrown back at the Jersey Shore, a lot of drunk munchies are consumed. And while we sometimes gawk in horror at the Meatballs' choice of snacks (see photo of Snooks biting into an uncooked potato as if it were a Granny Smith), other times we'd love for The Sitch to whip us up a nice chicken cutlet with extra mozz on top. So if you were lucky enough to spend your days and nights binge drinking down the shore, what would your late night snack be? Refer to our handy flow chart below and be sure to share with your friends to compare results!

Credit: Photo montage by Alissa Kombert for Wetpaint Photo: Quiz: Which Late Night Jersey Shore Snack Are You?