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Many people would consider the Real Housewives franchise to be relatively similar to Jersey Shore. Both franchises revolve around following a group of outlandish people as they go around doing ridiculous things and yelling at each other.

However, former Real Housewives of New York star Bethenny Frankel thinks there's one huge difference between the Macaroni Rascals and the Housewives: Their standard of cleanliness.

"I get anxiety, because when I watch [Jersey Shore], it's just so filthy!" Bethenny explained on Anderson recently. "You couldn't give me 10 million dollars to lay in that smush bed, much less smush in that smush bed!"

Despite her aversion to their grimy lifestyle, Bethenny keeps coming back for more Jersey Shore. "I think that good television is about having fun,"  she explained. "And the thing is, they're always having fun. And even if they're animals...I think that they're having fun."

The new definition of good TV is how much fun people are having making it? Someone better alert the Emmys...


Credit: Anderson via YouTube Photo: Real Housewife of New York Bethenny Frankel Likes Jersey Shore (VIDEO)

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Source: Anderson via Youtube

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