At this point, most Jersey Shore gossip lovers know Sammi and Ronnie have broken up. However, just because this perpetually on-again, off-again couple is currently in the off stage, doesn't mean they have no future together.

"We've shared so much stuff together... In the end, [Sammi] would be someone I would consider marrying" Ronnie admitted to Hollyscoop TV at the People's Choice Awards. "Later down the line," he hastily added. "Later, later down the line."

Check out the interview for more on SamRon, how Vinny was the "glue" of the cast, and why Ronnie wants a Jersey Shore Season 6 set in Vegas or Australia.

Credit: HollyscoopTV via YouTube Photo: Ronnie Magro: Vinny Was "Glue" for the Jersey Shore Guys

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