Credit: Instagram

We were pretty scared when Ronnie had to be hospitalized while on a business trip down in Florida, but it was adorable to see the overwhelming support he got from his girlfriend, Sammi Sweetheart, who flew down right away to be with him while he underwent surgery!

Credit: Instagram

The pair is working on his recovery together, and Sammi’s been keeping us updated on how he’s doing in some of her latest Instagram pics. One of the latest pics shows the couple looking awesome together, well-dressed in their best guido gear in support of Pauly D’s latest DJ gig in Atlantic City.

Ronnie wore a red shirt and jeans and Sammi looked pretty and sweet in a yellow top and black short-shorts. These two go together like ketchup and mustard, so to speak!

Sammi also Instagrammed this adorable pic of Ron snuggling with their dog Kylie, just relaxing and watching some TV. Aww, so cute! We love seeing them just relaxing together and being a couple, and we’re relieved to know that Ronnie’s now doing well. Plus, he mentioned he’s already back at the gym, and you have to be healthy to GTL!

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