Credit: Instagram

When you think of living in NYC, having a car probably doesn’t immediately come to mind. It may surprise you to know that Bronx native Ronnie Magro not only purchased a new set of wheels, but a big, shiny, expensive one, at that!

Ronnie recently splurged on a sleek white “Rick Ross edition” BMW and Instagrammed a pic of the car for us all to drool over, writing, “Newest member of the family #rickross #unfff.”

So, how much damage did Ronnie do to his bank account to purchase his new “baby”? 

According to, a 7 series BMW sedan can start as high as $140,700! And that’s not counting add-ons and custom features, which we have a feeling Ronnie probably indulged in.

Get it, Ron! We bet his girlfriend Sammi Sweetheart will love riding all around New York State in this sexy car with her man. (And if he can spend this much on a car, we hope he’d be willing to drop just as much on a shiny engagement ring!)

What do you think of Ronnie’s newest purchase? Is it worth it? Sound off below!