Credit: Photo via Gawker Photo: Ronnie's Funny Xenadrine Ad

Jersey Shore star Ronnie Ortiz-Magro can add diet pill pitchman to his resume.

You may have seen the inventor of Ron-Ron juice in print ads for Xenadrine, the dietary supplement that claims to help aid weight loss and boost energy. If you come across them, they're definitely worth a read.

In one recent ad his endorsement says: "Man, girls get me going, but not half as much as the energy boost I get from Xenadrine! ...I normally enter the shore with one rule, not to fall in love. But I've made Xenadrine the exception." In another ad he says "...I promised myself to never fall in love at the shore, but I love the boost I get from Xenadrine."

Ha! We're betting his on-again-off-again gf Sammi "Sweetheart" isn't thrilled he loves this pill more than he loves her. We wonder if he'll have a three-way makeout sesh with it.


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