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SamRon may not have fallen in love at first sight, but according to Ronnie, it was “love at first fight.” Which is probably just as meaningful, just with a special Jersey Shore spin.

In this adorable video of Sammi and Ronnie making T-shirts for each other at the Shore store, TV’s most tumultuous couple reminisces on the first time they met.

“Remember how much I couldn’t stand you the first summer at the house?” Ronnie asks, playfully. Sammi responds, “Remember how we didn’t like each other and then we made out and the rest was history?”

Even though Ronnie admits, “You’re still a pain in my ass,” he says that’s the reason he loves Sam. To prove it, they each made “I Heart Sam/Ronnie” T-shirts, which they plan on wearing to bed.

Check out their lovey dovey moments in the video below!

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Credit: MTV Photo: Ronnie on His Relationship With Sammi: “It Was Love at First Fight” (VIDEO)

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