Credit: Instagram Photo: Sammi Sweetheart and Her Sister Nikki at New York Fashion Week

Ever since we found out that Sammi Sweetheart has a sister, we’ve been hoping to see more of the dynamic duo. Though they aren’t identical — in fact, Nikki is older than Sammi — they are both stunning brunettes with gorgeous smiles.

It’s been quite a few months since we caught up with them, but luckily, Sam Instagrammed some photos of their coordinated outfits at New York Fashion Week! They hit some shows together in black ensembles with tan-colored boots, posing pretty for cameras before taking their seats.

We think they look very similar, especially when it comes to their facial features. Sadly, Nikki doesn’t have the same long, sleek hair as Sammi, but we like that they complement each other that way!

What do you think of Sam and Nikki? Totally twinsies or just sisters who look slightly similar? Tell us below!