Credit: Instagram Photo: Sammi Sweetheart and Ronnie's Sister, Gabby!

Sammi Sweetheart and her boyfriend, Ronnie, aren’t engaged or expecting a baby together, but they did have a practice-run at parenting this weekend.

The couple took care of Ron’s lookalike sister, Gabby, yesterday, and they both posted adorable pictures of their quality time. Sammi looked like she was born to be a mom while reading to the little lady, and even though Gab looks more like Ronnie (since she’s his sister, natch), we bet their future baby would look very similar to her!

Credit: Instagram Photo: Ronnie and His Sister, Gabby

And even though Ronnie’s hair is looking a little strange lately, we were focused on how ridiculously adorable he and Gabby were as he covered her with kisses! He even hashtagged his Instagram pic, “#PeanutHead #LoveHer #KissesAllDay.” Aww, he’s going to be such a great dad!

Considering that they both spilled about having kids recently, maybe Sam and Ron will be real parents sooner than we thought!