Credit: Instagram

Though Jersey Shore has been off the air for a little more than two months, we still see plenty of our favorite guidos and guidettes on spin-offs and other projects. However, there’s one couple that has been sadly absent from our lives: Sammi Sweetheart and Ronnie Magro.

However, according to all of you, if they get their own show, 88 percent of you will tune in!

After our poll on Monday, only 12 percent of fans said they’ve “had enough” of SamRon, but we’ll leave those stats out when we bring these results to MTV, natch.

While we unfortunately don’t get a say in whether the happy couple gets their own show, things are looking good so far. They’ve been approached for a spin-off and are very game to let cameras into their NYC home, saying it would be “funny” and “ridiculous” and they’d love to do it!

Your move, MTV!