Credit: STILL Photo: STILL: Sammi Sweetheart Plays a Prank

Sammi Sweetheart is usually an angelic and lovely gal, but sometimes she likes to get on with her bad self.

At her Super Bowl party, she, Ronnie, and their other pals played a prank on their passed-out friend Matt, and though she looked adorable and giggly, we feel bad for him!

“Woo! After Super Bowl and look who is out...” she said in her latest Keek video, panning the camera to her friend, whose face was covered in all sorts of paint and tape.

“Have a good time, Matt? Have a good time?” she asked rhetorically, before responding with a grin. “Oh yeah, he had a great time”

And if that isn’t enough of the prank for you, Ronnie also posted a photo of the ridiculousness close up and a video of them drawing on him! Bet Matt wasn’t happy when he woke up...

Do you think this is a fun, silly prank, or was it too mean? Sound off below!