Credit: Instagram

We loved seeing Sammi Sweetheart get a “make-under” from a stylist at xoJane, who made sure to reveal the guidette’s flawless skin and natural beauty without her usual layers of bronzer and eye makeup. Additionally, they helped straightening iron-obsessed Sammi enhance her natural curls, transforming her ‘do into gorgeous waves!

Good news, Jersey Shore fans — Sammi recently went “au naturel” once again! Our girl Instagrammed a pic of her looking beautiful with long, naturally curly hair and simple makeup, wearing a casual sweatshirt and deeming it a “curly hair kinda day.” We all need one of those now and then.

While we love seeing Sammi get her guidette on with full-on makeup and bronzer, we’re so into her natural look. We’re proud that she fought her straightening “obsession” and still managed to look flawless.

We’re sure her boyfriend Ronnie loves this pretty look, but what do you think of Sammi’s new hairstyle? Do you prefer her hair straightened or curly? Vote below!