Credit: Instagram Photo: Who Did Sammi Kiss? Hint: It's Not Ronnie!

Even after all of their ups and downs, Ronnie and Sammi still seem to be the perfect couple. While Ron hasn’t put a ring on it yet, the couple does love taking care of their “baby.”

No, they don’t have a real baby on the way and they haven’t adopted, but Sammi did share an adorable pic of their pup, Kylie, on Instagram today!

Credit: Instagram Photo: Sammi Sweetheart's Dog, Kylie!

We know all about their adorable little girl, but we still love seeing new pics of Kylie! This one is black and white, which makes her look like she belongs in the ‘20s.

And hey, maybe the next time she shows off a “baby,” it will be her own bundle of joy. Considering Snooki is already thinking about having more kids, the baby fever could be contagious!

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