Credit: Instagram

Just when you thought Sammi Sweetheart and Ronnie couldn’t get any cuter, Sammi tweeted something so special to her sick boyfriend that it made us tear up a bit.

Ronnie was recently hospitalized while on a business trip down in Florida to promote his new alcohol line, Smush Cocktails, and he had a pretty scary diagnosis: kidney stones! He’s been in a lot of pain, and of course his girlfriend Sammi flew down right away to be by his side while he undergoes surgery to remove the kidney stones.

Credit: Instagram

Not only did she drop everything to be with him right away, she also tweeted some super sweet support, calling him: “My life my everything.” She also Instagrammed a cute  throwback pic of the couple together at an event. Aww, Sammi!

We wish Ronnie the best and hope he gets well soon, and we’re very happy that he has such an amazing and supportive girlfriend by his side during his recovery.

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