Sammi Sweetheart has a gorgeous figure, looking sexy and fit in everything from sports bras from her own fitness line to bikinis and clubbing clothes. What’s her secret?

The lovely guidette is all about smoothies and loves to start the day off right with plenty of fruit! But even though Sam is a healthy eater and gets plenty of exercise at the gym, this sexy gal still has a sweet tooth — and you won’t believe what she’s craving...

Sammi recently tweeted, “Did I really just see a commercial for a brownie battered doughnut? #ihavetotry.”

While it’s undoubtedly chock-full of sugar, a brownie-doughnut hybrid could make for a sweet cheat for our favorite sweetheart!

Does a brownie-battered doughnut sound good to you? Tell us below! And if you’re craving one, Dunkin Donuts produced this crazy concoction.