Credit: Instagram Photo: Sammi Sweetheart's Hair Is More Gorgeous Than Ever!

We love everything about Sammi Sweetheart, but admittedly, we’re most envious of (and kind of obsessed with) her hair. No matter what the weather is like outside, her ‘do is sleek, polished, and pin-straight, and we basically want to be her.

Though she’s been a bit quiet on the Instagram front lately, she took a stunning selfie the other day, letting her long hair flow over the couch like a blanket. No piece is out of place, and she’s smiling — or perhaps even smirking — into the camera like she’s in the middle of a photoshoot.

And this picture was so perfect and random that she didn’t even caption it! Yep. It was that good. If we were to describe it, we’d say, “Amazing. Beautiful. Flawless. Ronnie better put a ring on it!” We kid, we kid. Well, kind of... those two crazy kids should just get married already!

But anyway. This picture is our favorite ever, and even though she’s not dressed up (it looks like she’s wearing a pink T-shirt), she could still rock a red carpet with that flawless hair and makeup!

What do you think of Sammi’s hair? Love it straight or wish she would change it up? Sound off below!