Credit: Facebook Photo: Jersey Shore's Sammi Giancola Sniffs Samples for New Cologne

As we reported this past spring, Sammi jumped on the gravy train alongside the rest of her Jersey Shore castmates and realized she could make money using just her name and face. So she released Dangerous perfume for women, with the tagline “Excite, Energize and Attract.”

The tease for the men’s manly version of Dangerous (“Dangerously sweet, just like Sammi!”) has been up on the fragrance site for a long time now, but, apropos of new photos she posted on Facebook over the weekend, it looks like she’s finally releasing the new male-focused scent.

Photographs show her with a perfume expert, testing out the various scents to see which one will work for her guido cologne. In Jersey, this means gorilla fur, hair gel, and stale manwiches. Yum.

As for when we can expect this magical elixir in stores, Sammi’s left that information secret for now.

Source: Facebook

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