Credit: Sammi Sweetheart Twitter Photo: Sammi Sweetheart's Makeup

Whether she's going for the all natural look, or getting extra guidette with fake eyelashes and heavy eye makeup, Sammi Sweetheart always looks stunning.

The former Jersey Shore star showed off her sexy makeup on Twitter yesterday (April 25), with a simple, "Morning!" We don't remember ever looking that stunning first thing in the morning, but hey, more power to her!

And being a talented makeup do-er isn't the only thing Sammi has going for her. The reality TV personality created her own line of fitness clothing, a collection of bedazzled iPhone cases and, most recently, she debuted her new multi-style clutchlets purses. Does this girl ever sleep?

We doubt it with such a busy schedule, but by the looks of her perfect morning makeup, we'd never even know!