Credit: Photo courtesy of MTV © and TM MTV Networks Photo: Jersey Shore Season 4, Episode 10: The Girls Go Wine Tasting

Based on what we've see on Jersey Shore Season 4, you'd think the Macaroni Rascals barely set foot outside in Italy other than to grab food or go to the club. But in a recent interview with AOL TV, Sammi explained that this isn't a fair representation of the guido's time in the motherland.

"Florence, Italy, the buildings and just the history and culture, the scenery, the landscaping is just so beautiful," Sammi explained. "So we would actually go around and tour around. You don't really see all that." Which makes sense: Sightseeing in Italy is great, but watching other people do it would be kind of boring. As Sammi put it, we "see all the good [parts]."

So what did the cast make of Italy after all their exploration? "Italy was more than I expected," Ronnie told AOL TV. "I thought it was going to be what you see in movies and honestly when we got there it was just more than what we expected. Restaurants everywhere, shopping, historical monuments. There's a whole atmosphere which is unbelievable."

We love you Ron, but what exactly did you expect in Italy other than historical monuments and restaurants?

Source: AOL TV

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