Credit: Team Snooki Boxing Photo: Team Snooki Boxing

At just 98 pounds and 4’9”, Snooki gives a whole new meaning to the “lightweight” classification in the world of boxing. But that hasn’t stopped her from turning her interest in the sport into a money-making franchise.

As part of her extreme brand expansion in recent months, Team Snooki Boxing is now a real, living, breathing, punching, actual enterprise. And it’s made up of three Irish brothers, named Patrick “Pajo,” Eddie, and Paul Hyland. They’ll make their debut in the ring on January 28th, 2012 in Atlantic City. Tickets are available here.

We knew Snooki was a fan of wrestling, after seeing her fight (view the video here) on WWE Raw earlier this year. But boxing? 

Snooki tweeted about the brothers’ big fight, saying “Tickets for the 1st @TeamSnookiBoxin fight are now available! @Pajpunisher can't wait for you to win on Jan. 28th!”

As for whether or not she’ll be there herself, rumor has it that she and JWOWW will be filming their reality show by then — which doesn’t necessarily rule out the possibility that the dynamic duo will shoot one of their episodes at the match. Snooki may be the size of a boxing glove, but we could definitely see JWOWW packing a serious punch. 


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