Credit: Instagram

Snooki has matured and grown so much since becoming a mom and a fiancée, but despite all of her changes, she’s still the same wild and crazy Snooki, and every now and then she’ll let down her guard and let her inner meatball come out to play!

Her fiancé Jionni has been having his own fun on the backyard trampoline, hosting crazy wrestling matches with his buddy Vincenzo, but Snooki prefers a more simple and classic use of the outdoor toy.

She recently Instagrammed this absolutely adorable new pic of her bouncing up and down on the trampoline, wearing skinny jeans and a pretty black top, her long black hair blowing in the breeze. “I’m 7 again,” she wrote as a caption. We think she looks so beautiful in this pretty pic, a rare candid shot of her just letting loose and having fun in a very simple way.

Who says you can’t act like a kid sometimes? We have a feeling that when he’s a little older, Snooki will bring Lorenzo out on the trampoline for some outdoor fun.

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