Credit: Instagram

Snooki may already have six tattoos, but that’s not enough for the Jersey Shore guidette. Though it’s only been a few months since she got her “fierce” blue leopard, she’s already planning her next ink job — and this time, it’s especially sentimental.

In her latest Celebuzz blog, she revealed that her new tattoo will be dedicated to her little family and it will be shared with her fiancé! That’s right, y’all — she and Jionni are getting matching tattoos, which is effectively a bigger step than getting married.

“I’m already getting set for my 7th tattoo which is going to be a tattoo dedicated to my son and the future children I will have, and I’m going to get that tattoo with Jionni!” she spilled. “We just have to draw it up and set a date! I also think it could be really romantic to experience this together, so I’m excited!”

Aww. How sweet! We wonder what they’ll get. Perhaps Lorenzo’s little face inked on their arms? We kid, we kid.

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Source: Celebuzz