For reality star divas Snooki and JWOWW, life without reality television would be a scary place — but not one that’s altogether impossible to imagine.

“Every season of ‘Jersey Shore,’ we’re never guaranteed the next one,” JWOWW told the New York Times of her future on MTV. “We all know there’ll be a day that we all have to go our separate ways... We don’t know how long reality TV in itself will be.”

For Snooki, who doesn’t seem to mind sharing even the most intimate details, leading a normal life off-camera might be a bit harder to handle.

“I would love to do shows for the rest of my life,” the pint-sized star said, “because I love sharing everything that goes on.”

So what if the reality TV bubble should one day burst? 

“I’ll go back on YouTube,” Snooks declared.

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Source: New York Times

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