Credit: Celebuzz

Snooki has already shown off one of her favorite mid-workout exercises — high cardio plyometrics — and now our fit meatball mama has a new workout vid to share for her Celebuzz blog’s “Workout Wednesdays” section!

Credit: Celebuzz

In this fun new video, Snooki and her trainer Anthony Michael show us how to do “lat pull-downs,” an upper body exercise that focuses on the muscles in your back and your biceps! Snooki even showed off her “guns” with a grunt before demonstrating the workout.

This Workout Wednesday is on Lat Pulldowns!” she wrote on her blog. “Watch the video to see how I get my biceps and back muscles into shape and feeling like jello by the end of the workout! XOXO.” And in typical Snooki fashion, she asked, “What the hell is that?” when her trainer mentioned rhomboid muscles! Gotta love her.

Click here to watch the new workout video, then let us know what you think of it below in the comments! Awesome or insane? You decide!

Source: Celebuzz