Credit: StClair/Macpherson / Splash News Photo: Snooki Heads to Work at the Pizzeria in Florence on May 18, 2011

We still don't quite understand the mechanisms behind Snooki's diamante-encrusted and leopard-print stunna shades — how does she see? — but apparently, Snooks’ style has caught on, because the Jersey Shore star is in the process of developing her very own line of sunglasses. Yes, after tackling jewelry and fuzzy slippers, Snooki's now moving on to designing her own hater-blockers.

She tweeted earlier today (curious, considering the macaroni rascals are banned from the Internet while shooting in Italy), "thanks Steve Boi @sbshades for the shades. i cant wait for my sunglass line!!!!! coming soon bitches!!!"

We bitches over here just don't know if we're ready for that. Needless to say, we wouldn't suggest driving, operating heavy machinery, participating in water sports, or walking in pedestrian areas while wearing what are sure to be nearly-impossible-to-see-in sunglasses designed by Snooki. In fact, probably the only activities that are safe to engage in while wearing them are tanning while lying down, or ignoring the hateful stares of passers-by who are judging you for your ridiculous eyewear.

Source: Twitter