Credit: Instagram

We love watching Snooki’s style continue to evolve after Jersey Shore. It seems like only yesterday she was rockin’ the pouf while going out on the town in crazy animal prints, diamond-encrusted shades, and giant fuzzy slippers.

Now the meatball mama has a more sophisticated and subtle personal style, though that doesn’t stop her self-proclaimed “tacky and fabulous” self from giving up bold and awesome choices.

Snooki recently dyed her hair a shocking shade of red, and this weekend, she Instagrammed two photos of her with very different (and unique) hairstyles. The first pic shows Snooks in her new favorite Snerdz glasses, donning a big braided bun and looking very grown-up. With a gorgeous shade of lipstick and neutral-pink eyeshadow, she looks camera-ready without going too crazy.

The second pic shows off her beautiful, super-long curls that go all the way down her back. We’re not sure if they’re extensions, but she’s basically Rapunzel either way. Not only are they vibrant red and voluminous, but it’s completely different than any curl that Snooki has rocked before. We love it!

Ultimately, Snooks may be a small girl, but she’ll always have a big, bold style! Which hairstyle do you prefer on the gorgeous guidette? Vote below!