Credit: Wagner Az/ Photo: Snooki and Jeff Slobber All Over Each Other
WAHH! (That was our best Snooki impression.) America’s sweetheart — too much? — complains via Twitter that she’s been single all summer, saying, “These guys are just bein ultimate creepers.. BlEh !" BlEh, indeed, Snooks. But what about that army guy who proposed to you? Apparently Snooki’s forgotten all about ex-boyfriend Jeff Miranda, who proposed to her on the cover of the September 10 issue of Steppin’ Out Magazine. She declined, much to his surprise, but he seems to be getting over it just fine. Or at least these pictures of him sticking his face into every inappropriate stripper nook and cranny he can find appear to indicate he’s moved along. Looks like you dodged a bullet, Snooks.

Source: RadarOnline