Credit: Mario&Luigi/ Photo: Snooki Pouts in Florence

Apparently, Snooki was looking forward to ditching that diet she's been on while she was in Italy, because chief among her gripes with Italian culture and customs was all that healthy food. The pint-sized guidette managed an impressive slim-down prior to leaving for Florence, and, in interviews, she expressed fears that she may fall off the wagon with the bevy of carbohydrate-heavy treats Italian fare had to offer.

But we guess when hangover time came around, all Snooki wanted was a good old-fashioned slice of greasy Jersey pizza the size of her face.

"There wasn't really like normal food in Italy. It was different," she explained to MTV. "Normal food like greasy, fat American food. They didn't have that there. Everything was like, healthy. Like the pizza was even healthy. There was no grease, they only put, like, one thing of cheese on."

Wow, Snooks, yeah, that sounds rough. How are you supposed to soak up all that alcohol with a well-balanced, grease-free slice of thin crust pizza?

We're sure her trainer is thankful that Italy came with a built-in diet monitor.

Source: MTV