Snooki may be looking especially fit ‘n’ fab, but that doesn’t mean she loves exercising. Though the teeny tiny guidette has lost a lot of weight — especially post-baby — she still has a hard time recovering after a long, intense workout.

However, the most shocking part of Snooki’s latest Instagram pic isn’t just how small she looks — it’s the crazy position she’s in! After a particularly brutal session with her trainer, Snooks literally collapsed on an oversized chair, her legs standing straight up and her hands covering her face!

Credit: Instagram

Though we’re not sure if she’s crying, she captioned the pic, “Today was Leg day. My trainer killed me!!!” Oh no! Not our dear Snooki!

Suffice it to say, the Jersey Shore star looks amazing. Even with her red hair in a ponytail and her neon pink bra showing through her shirt, she looks flawless. Who else can work grey leggings and sneakers so well? No one but our girl Snooks!

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