Credit: Instagram

Snooki fans, it’s time to bid farewell to the luscious red locks and hello to a brand-new look. This time, our favorite meatball mama is going back to black, but she’s changing up her style a bit with colored extensions and sleek bangs!

Before revealing her new look, Snooki teased fans on Twitter with the message, “Can’t wait to show my amazing supporters my new hair. will upload soon. Xoxoxo fabulous lovers!”

Soon after, she Instagrammed a pic of her red hair dyed black, and then her fab final look, thanking her hair stylist Bradley Moreland while letting him know, “You give my hair life.” What a compliment! This isn’t the first time we’ve seen Snooki rockin’ bangs, but we have to say it’s the best she’s ever looked with them.

Credit: Instagram Photo: Snooki New Black Hairstyle Bangs

Snooki’s fierce makeover includes sleek, long black hair with purple-and-red extensions at the tips. These are probably her most sophisticated extensions ever, and definitely a big step up from those crazy blonde-and-hot pink ends or bleached blonde extensions she sported on Jersey Shore.

While we’ll miss her curly, stunning red hair and all the styles she tried with it, it’s always fun to see her change it up now and then. She also offered an explanation on her Celebuzz site, writing, “RIP mermaid hair. I absolutely LOVED my red hair, but running around with Lorenzo and working, it’s just too hard to maintain the red color every 2 weeks!” We feel ya, girl.

What do you think of Snooki’s new hairstyle? Do you totally love it, or do you prefer her old look? Sound off below!