Credit: Instagram Photo: Snooki Rocks a Giant Bow

Everyone knows Snooki is a girl who loves massive accessories, and she’s not afraid to stand out from the crowd. In fact, she seems to relish having a slightly bizarre fashion sense.

We’ve seen the Jersey Shore star rock a lot of crazy looks as a result — whether it’s a Twilight-esque goth get-up or super skin-tight pants — but one thing’s constant: She glams up all of her outfits with signature extras.

Lately, Snooks seems partial to the giant bows, and in one of her latest Instagram pictures, she proudly donned one that made the tiny guidette look like Minnie Mouse!

“Big bows own,” she captioned the shot.

With that sneaky little smile of hers in the pic, she looks like she’d fit right into the Magic Kingdom!

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