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On Jersey Shore Season 6, Episode 6: “A Virgin Summer,” The Situation continued his efforts to repair his friendship with Snooki by buying her a super-tricked out and classy baby carriage. At first she wasn’t interested, but once she saw it, it looked like the then-pregnant meatball was truly touched by the gesture.

The question is, have the former friends moved from awkward acquaintances to close buds again?

A recent photo of Snooki and The Situation in New York seems to suggest that, yes, they’ve back on good terms again. And in the video below, Snooki explains that she “wanted him to know that he did hurt my feelings, and he crossed the line.” She continues, “I wanted to make sure he knew that I was really pissed and he needed to work for it and I think he did.”

Snooki even admitted that she’s “very proud of Mike,” and she’s “very happy” that he’s taking care of himself these days. Watch the video below for more!

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Credit: MTV Photo: How Did The Situation Convince Snooki to Give Him Another Chance? (VIDEO)

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