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Jionni LaValle has had quite an amazing year, getting engaged to his beautiful fiancée, Snooki, and welcoming their adorable son, Lorenzo, into the world. Now the happy couple is working on planning their custom dream home where their future wedding will take place. Yep. Jionni is a lucky man who has accomplished a lot — including owning an ATM business — at a young age. He recently celebrated his 26th birthday (born March 20, 1987), making him only 9 months older than Snooki, who will turn 26 in November. But what do you give the man who has everything — how did he and Snooks celebrate the big day?

It turns out that Snooki had a few amazing surprises up her sleeve, including “two tickets to the players championship!!!!! Sickest gift ever!!!! #letsgotiger,” as Jionni recently tweeted. Looks like they’ll have fun at the PGA Tour in Florida this year.

Credit: Instagram Photo: Sexy Snooki

“I did good,” Snooki tweeted in response to her fiancé, but she wasn’t finished making sure her man had a great night. She also planned a date night for two involving a romantic dinner, and in fabulous Snooki fashion, got all dolled-up. “[Your] date is ready, Birthday Boy,” she tweeted at Jionni along with an Instagram pic showing her looking beautiful in a tight pink dress with black lace.

While they no doubt had fun at dinner, the doting parents quickly starting missing their son.  “I love how we’re out to dinner and [we’re] just watching videos on our phone of Lorenzo,” Snooki tweeted. Aww!

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