Credit: Instagram Photo: Snooki Goes Casual on Jan. 27

Snooki is usually dressed to the nines — or should we say the crazy eights? — and Instagrams all of her fabulous looks. But sometimes she isn’t rockin’ platform heels and leopard-print pencil skirts — like us, she cozies up in comfy clothes on the weekend.

But naturally, her “casual” look is still fierce and amazing. Yesterday, she posted the above selfie, wearing a slouchy white sweater with gold-studded shoulders and charcoal stretch pants. Her extensions are a bit unruly, but she distracts us with bright pink lipstick and big black glasses!

Snooks captioned the pic, “I love casual Sundays!!!” and honestly, her simple look is far more put-together than our weekend looks. We spend our Sundays in flannel pjs eating cereal and watching Jersey Shore reruns …

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